TKA Class! Dedicated for a better future of America!

Alcazar Academy #1!

Thank you to all of our parents and students who have supported us through these uncertain times! Your efforts to push your children to practice Martial Arts is a wonderful en-devour!

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These may be uncertain times, but they are exciting Times!

Services Online Are Changing the Way We Live!

This is New opportunity for you to achieve a level of practice unlike ever before.

Before training at any school was a process. Making sure you leave on time and arrive prepared. Now its just log on and get to to work! It is 100% times easier to be on time and even if your late you wont be far behind! The opportunities to train have just gone straight up! The future of Martial Arts is here! Alcazar Academy Online!

Alcazar Academy Tae Kwon Do Online!

Your favorite instructors and staff live for the kids to see!

  • Easy Registration!

  • Mon - Fri Training!

  • Accessible Anywhere!

  • Get the Kids Moving!

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